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Using state-of-the art technology, cost-conscious methods, and timely services, we seek favorable and enduring outcomes for our clients — outcomes that minimize liability, preserve reputations, protect client interests, and ultimately, achieve client objectives. Additionally, we strive to minimize and eliminate risks by informing clients about significant changes in the law that could affect their business practices going forward.

 Commercial Trucking Defense and Litigation
Fancher & Neblett’s practice area encompass all of South Texas.  That area has experienced an explosion of trucking commerce all over the Rio Grande Valley and up the three major corridors, Interstate 35 from Laredo, U.S. 281 from Edinburg/McAllen and U.S. 77 from Brownsville/Harlingen. Consequently, our firm provides clients with a wealth of experience in transportation cases and major trucking accidents make up a significant part of our practice. The firm has acted on behalf of clients dealing with the Texas Department of Transportation and the United States Department of Transportation’s Federal Highway Administration, as well as various other state and local municipalities. Our firm is well versed in the federal and state regulations pertaining to the transportation industry.
 Motor Vehicle Liability
Fancher & Neblett defends hundreds of commercial lines and personal lines motor vehicle matters each year. We defend clients in a wide range of matters involving insurance coverage and liability issues including first party coverage and third party insurance defense. We have had numerous successes in jury trials to verdict, summary judgment motions on negligence and serious injury, including appellate decisions. We use to great effect expert witnesses in the fields of orthopedic surgery, neurosurgery, neurology, accident reconstruction, bio-medical/bio-mechanical engineering, and accident reconstruction. Through our careful and thorough preparation we are able to evaluate potential liability and damages exposure which allows our clients to make informed decisions regarding the best and most cost-effective method of resolving cases.
 Oilfield and Offshore Platform Accidents Litigation
Fancher & Neblett has unique experience in all aspects of accidents relating to the exploration of oil and gas. South Texas has a robust petroleum industry and is home to many refineries including a deep water port that services oil tankers bound to all corners of the world. Exploration for oil and gas has expanded markedly due to the world’s shortage of oil. The business of extracting energy comes with a heavy toll- oilfield and offshore accidents.
 Environmental and Toxic Tort Litigation
Fancher & Neblett has a successful history of defending environmental wrong doing claims in both personal injury and property damage litigation for our refineries, product manufactures and chemical companies. Our attorneys keep abreast of all developments and legislative changes in those areas. Our firm provides guidance on reporting requirements to OSHA, EPA, DOT, state and local ESH agencies, and local health authorities. We assist clients in responding to subpoenas, agency inspection demands, government requests for information, and notices of violation relating to federal, state, and local regulations. We also track proposed legislation, regulatory proposals, and enforcement trends and assist clients in obtaining environmental permits and interpreting regulations.
 Governmental Liability, Public Entity Defense and Civil Rights Litigation
Fancher & Neblett is highly aware of the needs of its government clients from both a public image and financial responsible basis. We aggressively defend claims on a cost efficient timely basis. We work closely with risk managers and other government officials to gain a full understanding of the issues and provide the most effective representation. Our legal services are based on finding innovative approaches to handle these matters in the best interests of our clients while keeping legal costs to a minimum. This includes our alternative litigation approaches to dispose of claims quickly and efficiently while minimizing the negative consequences even a frivolous claim may have. We also evaluate the use of immunities and privileges from which our governmental clients often benefit.
 Professional Malpractice Litigation
Fancher & Neblett defends professionals such as stock brokers, insurance agents, attorneys, engineers, architects and design professionals against allegations of negligence and malpractice. Our firm recognizes that representing professionals is a unique practice. Professional clients invest years in obtaining advanced degrees and licenses. The relationship between the professional and their clients involve more than standards of care with its clientele but also fiduciary duties owed. Our experienced attorneys in this practice recognize the attendant needs necessary in representing professionals.
 Healthcare and Medical Malpractice Litigation
Fancher & Neblett provides experienced lawyers in litigation involving the healthcare industry. We represent area hospitals, nursing homes and other healthcare providers. This is a specialized practice that requires lawyers that not only try lawsuits but also understand this industry.
 Personal Injury Defense Litigation
Fancher & Neblett represents claimants and defendants in personal injury claims ranging from working with the insurance company to directly representing the defendant. We can help you avoid the costly effects of baseless or overstated claims made by individuals who allege an injury, and minimize the effects of the valid claims. Most businesses and individuals carry liability insurance to protect themselves from personal property injuries including automobiles, homes, and businesses. Businesses are also concerned with worker compensation claims and product or service liability claims for which they may not be adequately insured.
 Construction Defects Litigation
Fancher & Neblett have substantial experience in the complexities of construction law and litigation. We have established a successful record of protecting the interests of owners, architects, engineers, developers, contractors, subcontractors, materials manufacturers, and design professionals in construction matters. Our firm retains the right experts, who are proficient at recognizing and identifying construction-related issues. The firm has a long track record of successfully handling construction defect claims.
 Products Liability Litigation
Fancher & Neblett has been involved in defending companies and corporation in products liability lawsuits. We have been involved in a wide variety of products including go-cart engines, trucks, tractors, air-guns and BB guns, oilfield and refinery equipment, ladders, grinders, electric saws, coffee makers, medical devices, heaters, and other products.
 Property Claims and Premises Liability Litigation
Fancher & Neblett have represented insurers in litigation regarding claims for mold contamination in residential properties. We have also represented HVAC contractors, general contractors, plumbing contractors, digital control system contractors and glass and glazing contractors in residential and commercial construction defect cased in which mold contamination and remediation constituted a large portion of the alleged damages.

Fancher & Neblett represents owners, contractors, general contractors, subcontractors, developers, design professionals, business, holding companies in all aspects involving controversies alleging a defect or dangerous condition on a premise or damage to another person’s rights, reputation or property resulting from events or activities occurring on a premise such as slip and fall accidents, trip and fall accidents, defective design or construction and conditions present on any such premise.

 Homeowner Matters
Fancher & Neblett provides a wide variety of services to homeowner insurance companies. We are primarily an insurance defense firm providing traditional legal services to the insurance industry. In addition to insurance defense, we provide legal opinions with respect to many insurance issues involving policy interpretation. We also conduct examinations under oath pursuant to the terms and conditions of insurance policies. We are involved in extra-contractual matters in first party and third party context. We also provide legal services to excess carriers including monitoring the handling of cases pretrial and during trial.  We have participated in a wide variety of homeowner matters including pool accidents, mold claims, property damage through falling trees, flooding, fire; numerous slip and falls, dog bites and falls from heights.

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